Dr. Khusayem of Clayton Internal Medicine is a fully licensed physician and equipped to offer you a complete range of Adult and Geriatric medical services. Our staff members are all certified and registered, as required. Our knowledgeable and highly skilled team and modern equipment will meet your medical needs whether you require an annual physical exam or a sick visit. Regardless of your physical needs, we will attend to you with the utmost care. Here are just a few of our specialties:


Feeling those cold and flu symptoms? If you are coughing, congested, have a fever or are just simply not feeling great. visit us today! Your body can let you know when something is not right and whether you have a simple cold or your symptoms are a sign or something more serious, Clayton Internal Medicine will work with you to find the best remedy to your discomfort.


If you have reoccurring medical needs or you are feeling sick, Clayton Internal Medicine can help! If it is your first time visiting, make sure you bring in all your current prescriptions so we can best serve you. Make sure to consult with Dr. Khusayem before taking any new medications or if you are feeling side effects from any medication.


For children ages 12+ we offer general check-ups and sick visits. We can also do physicals for the school year! Call today for more information.


If your school, extracurricular activity, or camp requires a physical to be completed, call Clayton Internal Medicine today! (we do not handle DOT physicals)


If you see any irregularities on your skin that needs medical attention, consult Clayton Internal Medicine and we will be able to perform small procedures in the office right here in Clayton, NC.